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John Pallister :: Blog :: Social Distractions – their role in learning environments

October 13, 2008

Learning is a personal process, personal to individual learners whatever their age or stage of development. When learners work in classrooms, in groups or on-line they will encounter and have to deal with distractions provided by others. They will need to develop strategies that will enable them to manage the distractions. They will need to be able to recognise situations when interacting with others will support their learning; they will need to be able to recognise situations when the distractions provided by others will retard or handicap their learning; they will need to find out when using their social network will help and when it will distract.


They will need self discipline and independent learning skills.  In PLTs terms they will be Reflective learners who will be expected to "evaluate their strengths and
limitations, setting themselves realistic goals with criteria for success”. They
have to “monitor their own performance and progress, inviting feedback from others". They will need to be Self-managers who will be expected to "organise themselves, showing personal responsibility, initiative, creativity and enterprise with a commitment to learning and self-improvement".


These budding Self Managers, will have to balance their desire to be recognised and accepted by others; their desire to influence the community that they operate in or that they want to belong to, with their desire and need to learn. In a traditional classroom situation, the teacher attempts to manage and moderate these distractions for their learners. In a Personalised Learning Environment the learner will need to take responsibility for moderating and managing these distractions.


How can we help them to develop these skills?

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  1. I follwed a Link from George Siemens  http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/ to this Post on on-line noise. Worth a look. Will come back to it later.


    John PallisterJohn Pallister on Friday, 24 October 2008, 06:31 BST # |

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