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John Pallister :: Blog :: Are we over-cooking the Personal Learning Environment

October 17, 2008

I started to think about how I will often write something up, then edit, re-edit and re-edit it until I have word processed the meaning out of the message that I set off to present. By overcooking, I often loose the message.


I listened to a radio programme that discussed the problem created by all of the space debris that was whizzing around, in orbit, just waiting to collide with some thing.


I related the space debris hazard to the distractions that surround learner and my thinking, thinking and thinking about ePortfolios, PLEs and Social Networking to the over-cooking bit. I began to think back 20 years when I watched Woodwork and Metal work [as curriculum subjects] being over-cooked to make Technology. Practical subjects that had most everything - practical problem solving opportunities where learners developed, practiced and mastered skills; where they developed the ability to select the most appropriate tools for their purpose; where they learnt to protect their own heath and safety, and that of others.  They had (often) opportunities to be creative, to work with others and to enjoy what they did. Then it got over-cooked in the name of rigour and academic acceptance.


So learner have access to the majority of tools that they need to manage their own Personal Learning – should we not concentrate on encouraging them to just do it?  Oh – tried to pedal that message before http://eduspaces.net/jpallister/weblog/177464.html


The man on the Bill says ‘someone out there holds the key for this, they just don’t know’ it yet – are you the one with the Key that will unlock this?

Posted by John Pallister

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