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February 07, 2009


On a recent learning journey, I explored personal learning environments; recognised the need for space to allow learning to happen and the importance of the skills set that would enable learners to function. http://groups.google.co.uk/group/eportfolios-and-plts/browse_thread/thread/19dfba6595678b5c?hl=en I had decided that it would be best to allow learner to work and learn in the ‘real world’ without excessive fencing and that for this to work, learners would need to be  taught how to function and stay safe .http://elgg.jiscemerge.org.uk/jpallis001/weblog/2213.html.  I found myself talking about independent learners working in active, problem solving environments; using appropriate.  I had acknowledged the need for the well heralded shift from teaching to leaning.


While following a parallel journey that began by looking at teaching, or rather the way that teachers plan or map their learner’s learning opportunities, I recognised the potential of Web-based curriculum mapping tools and how the process could support independent learning.


A learner’s (Personal) Learning Environment will need to include some element of ‘teaching’. The teaching will need to presented or packaged up, in some way so that it is ready for learner consumption.  So we have learners actively controlling their own learning and selecting their learning opportunities from the choices available on the ‘menu’.  The menu = the curriculum map??


Our 21st Century learners will be expecting some of the ‘planned’ experiences/opportunities to be web-based and it will be likely that they will follow many unplanned, informal web-enabled learning journeys. Thinking about the ‘teaching’ that they will want to access. They will expect anywhere, anytime access to multimedia ‘teaching’, so we are talking podcasts, but there will also be a demand for real-time teaching opportunities delivered in a virtual environment.


Graham Attwell expresses his concern at how the ‘teaching’ environments in the virtual world were currently emulating traditional classroom practice. A virtual environment with a heavy dose of ‘sit down, be quiet and listen to the teacher’.  http://www.pontydysgu.org/blogs/waleswideweb/


So what should these session/lessons that will have to be timetabled and ‘led’ by ‘someone’ look like? Is this the missing link in the PLE chain or the curriculum map?

John Pallister

Posted by John Pallister

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