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Julie Watson :: Blog :: M3: MUVE, Moodle and Microblogging - An update

June 02, 2008

M3 (MUVE, Moodle and Microblogging) is into Phase 2

We’re delivering Arrive UK, our online course in Moodle, to international students across the world before their arrival at the University of Southampton. But this year, as well as learning objects, podcasts, vidcasts, discussion forum and chat, we've added Twitter and a Second Life dimension to the course.

Twitter is being used for social networking on the course and for discussion about issues raised by the learning resources – accessible from both Moodle and Second Life (see below)

Second Life hosts some of the learning resources from the online course repackaged to suit a Second Life mode of exploratory learning and will be the venue for tutor student synchronous activities

Below are screenshots of how it’s looking at the start of the online course:

Arrive UK with the Twitter RSS Feed on the right side

Arrive UK and Southampton in Second Life: The continental view?

Arrive UK Twitter in-world and vidcast with question for discussion

Arrive UK
Learning Object resource  in Second Life

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  1. Looks like things are coming along great Julie! Any links, Slurls or usernames for Twitter we can peek at? 

    Josie FraserJosie Fraser on Wednesday, 04 June 2008, 17:33 UTC # |

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