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Making model making and computer programming accessible to learners and researchers

Who am I?

In 1992 Kahn returned to research in technology enhanced learning after having worked with Seymour Papert at MIT on programming languages for children. He is the developer and designer of ToonTalk (www.toontalk.com), a game for making games. We worked with the European Playground Project (http://www.ioe.ac.uk/playground/frame_n.htm) to support the making of computer games by young children. He was member of the European WebLabs Project (http://www.lkl.ac.uk/kscope/weblabs/), where he developed scientific model construction tools and tested them with children. He was the designer and developer of two proof-of-concept games for making science games funded by the BBC Digital Curriculum Project (www.bbc.co.uk/jam). He is currently leading the JISC-funded Constructing2Learn Project (http://dfl.cetis.ac.uk/wiki/index.php/Constructing2Learn), in which he is building tools and learning designs to enable university students without programming experience to build and run computer simulations in their field of interest. He is also a member of the London Knowledge Lab (www.lkl.ac.uk) where he is participating in the European ReMath Project (http://remath.cti.gr), where he is developing a simulation and game-making tool based upon the construction and application of algebraic equations.


computer modelling, end-user programming, game making and design, programmming language design, Second Life, technology enhanced learning, virtual worlds, web 2.0

Goals - I would like to ...

enable everyone to build computer models and games, make a real change for the better in how people learn

Main Skills

research, software design, Software development


bad science, bad software, closed minds