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Ken Kahn :: Blog :: Massively Multi Learner Workshop (mostly learning in Second Life)

April 28, 2007

Here are my notes from the Massively Multi Learner Workshop on 22 March 2007.



The first speaker was Dave Taylor from the National Physical Laboratory. He spoke of a large international collaboration to build a cluster of space and science islands in Second Life -- http://scilands.wordpress.com  The NPL worked with NASA in their recreation of Cape Canaveral. He showed lots of nice examples of things that were better than a science exhibit. IBM, for example, built a 5000 atom Rhodopsin molecule in Second Life that was the size of a big building. He showed a photo of people sitting on bonds of the molecule listening to a lecture about how it is used in photoreceptors. The molecule changes shape during the lecture to illustrate how it works.


Another example was an accurate recreation of the Martian surface in Second Life.


These science exhibits are getting 2000 to 2500 visitors a week and they stay many times longer than they do when visiting corresponding web pages. Visitors chat while listening and exploring – unlike the web.


He mentioned that Linden Labs is testing spatialised sounds that should be released this summer that will add voice to Second Life.


The next talk was about social networking in Second Life – the forthcoming doctoral thesis of a Surrey sociologist.


Next was a talk by Peter Twining of Open University where they are building a “Schome” school in Teen Second Life.


Another talk was about Sloodle – a synthesis of Moodle and Second Life. Details at http://www.simteach.com/


Mike Hobbs gave a talk about how Anglia Ruskin University is using Second Life to teach computer programming.


Another talk was about using Second Life to teach digital design in an art school.


I had to leave before the talk on scientific simulations in Second Life but I had lunch with the speaker and there was a promise that the video recording would be available on the web.

 Subsequently one of the conference organisers sent the following: 

Presentation Links:

The speakers powerpoints are now available on the HEA-ICS web site, here: http://www.ics.heacademy.ac.uk/events/displayevent.php?id=142

The talks were also recorded on video, but preparing these for online distribution might take a while longer yet... check back in a few weeks!

The following additional links have been suggested by some of the speakers from the event, and relate to their talks and presentations:
Schome: http://www.schome.ac.uk/
TPLD: http://tpld.net/main.php?page=102    Game-based learning essentials: http://www.tpld.net/tpld/main.php?page=142
DDM Collective (Annabeth Robinson's class project page): http://ddmcollective.blogspot.com
Sloodle: http://www.sloodle.com/

Second Life Links:
Second Life featured heavily during the course of the day, and the following links may be of interest:

Official homepage: http://www.secondlife.com/
Media coverage:
Second Life has received a LOT of media coverage in the past year or so. A press archive is maintained here: http://secondlife.com/news/

There is an expansive Wiki hosted on Simteach.com
Go to http://www.simteach.com/ and click on the 'Wiki' button or go direct using this link: http://tinyurl.com/zbwlj

The papers from the 2006 Second Life Education workshop can be downloaded from here: http://www.simteach.com/SLCC06/

There is also a Second Life Education - UK group that has been set up 'in-world'. It is free to join and hopes to organise virtual events
at least on a monthly basis. Using the 'Search' menu, look for the group UK Educators . A wiki page for the group has been set up here:
http://www.simteach.com/wiki/index.php?title=UK_Educators , please add your own details to the page!

Other Virtual Worlds

While most presenters at the workshop were using Second Life, there exist a range of other Virtual Worlds now available or in development.
Some notable ones include:
   OpenCroquet http://www.opencroquet.org/
   (and Qwaq  http://www.qwaq.com/ )
    Active Worlds http://www.activeworlds.com/
    There http://www.there.com/
and development platforms:
   Blink3D http://www.pelicancrossing.com/
   Multiverse http://www.multiverse.net/

For a longer list, see the Virtual Worlds Review: http://www.virtualworldsreview.com/

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