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December 05, 2008

Thanks to Chris for pointing this one out.

WHAT: Library Technology Working Group (LIB.TWG) [LAUNCH EVENT]
WHEN: Friday December 05, 2008 from 12-1pm ET (9-10am Pacific / SL time)
WHERE: Second Life http://slurl.com/secondlife/Smithers%20Bluff/35/205/89


The Library Technology Working Group (LIB.TWG) is responsible for defining,
implementing, evolving and maintaining applications and open standards related
to the provision of library services associated with Immersive Education.

In the age of Immersive Education libraries are challenged to provide resources
and personalized research and learning services that transcend physical space.
Scholarly communication that once depended on printed books and journals is now
network disseminated and enriched with the spectrum of multimedia—moving and
still photo/video images, sound, animation, immersive 3D and virtual reality,
simulation, executable code, large data sets—as well as interactive
communication among reviewers and readers. Pedagogy that was predominantly an
independent and competitive process for students outside class now makes greater
use of collaboration, cooperation, and group study.

In addition to a changed learning and research environment, librarians face
continually changing sources for the digital literature and other assets they
acquire and make available, and continually changing tools for scholars to
locate and use these resources. Management of the library enterprise is
characterized by more complex and intense communication among librarians, and
the delivery of library services is distinguished by the need for direct,
personalized advice on what is available and instruction on how to use it.

Although library practice has been deeply technological for thirty years or
more, and a cornerstone of research and course delivery, it is now constrained
by the traditions of physical services in real buildings. Similarly, working
relations among library staff and with consortial partners depend on traditional
modes of email, telephone and process control systems. Certainly, ample
opportunity exists to enable vastly greater efficiencies in communication
through the use of virtual reality meetings and consultations.

The Library Technology Working Group is chartered to project library services
beyond the limits of the brick and mortar physical plant through the application
of interactive 3D graphics and animation, open video game and simulation
technology, virtual reality, voice over IP, web cams and other rich digital
media. These technologies can be leveraged today toward the creation of virtual
collaborative study spaces, virtual information literacy programs, virtual
research and course consultations, virtual interlibrary document management, and
virtual service delivery to name just a few possibilities.

Visit http://ImmersiveEducation.org/events/ on the day of this event for
meeting materials (such as images and videos) and additional details

Posted by Lawrie Phipps

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