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Bob Rotheram :: Blog :: A wider use of audio feedback

February 28, 2008


Would audio files be a good way of the chair of (e.g.) [readership, professorial, promotion...] panels preparing feedback to successful and (particularly) on-that-occasion unsuccessful candidates? The warmth of human voice could be good at helping unsuccessful candidates to learn of their strengths, and give help on what to develop next.

It need not replace the usual face-to-face or feedback-by-phone channels, but could get over the initial awkwardness of the feedback encounter. It would also help to capture 'reasons for not succeeding' very shortly after the panels, so that the reasons did not get blurred by time.

It might also help panels' decisions to be made that bit more transparently. It would plant the question in the minds of panel chairs 'what can I say to this person to explain their not getting it?'.

Professor Phil Race

Visiting Professor: Assessment, Learning and Teaching

Leeds Metropolitan University

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