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Bob Rotheram :: Blog :: Second time around

March 25, 2008


Working on Sounds Good will be the second occasion I have tried using audio to give formative feedback on student presentations. Last semester I used it to record face-to-face feedback which groups could listen to again closer to the time of the real assessment. One disadvantage of live feedback is that often the message can get lost in the emotion of the moment. Another is that the assessor can impart a lot of information, not all of which the students can assimilate immediately, let alone recall later. Students found audio recordings useful, so I will be interested to see if the same applies this time.

The advice on giving feedback by MP3 recorder, which Bob has published (in ‘Documents’), seems to be very useful. I hadn’t thought about all the practical and pedagogical issues that he raises.

Ollie Jones

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Law, Leeds Met

Sounds Good team member

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