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Bob Rotheram :: Blog :: Use Video for Feedback?

April 01, 2008


Just as the Sounds Good team is getting comfortable with giving audio feedback, along comes another idea: video feedback. Last week at the JISC Learning and Teaching Experts Group meeting in Bristol, Brett Lucas of the English Subject Centre told me they have a case study on their website of someone using Camtasia screen capture software to record both audio and video feedback. Brett has just sent me further details. (Thanks, Brett!) The case study is to be found at: http://www.english.heacademy.ac.uk/explore/publications/casestudies/technology/camtasia.php

It's by Russell Stannard of the University of Westminster, who was working with English Language students. He was giving them formative feedback for use when redrafting their essays. The students were very positive about receiving audio and video feedback. They found it highly motivating and a number of them replayed it several times. However, although the technique had advantages from the lecturer's standpoint, it wasn't entirely problem-free. One issue was the time it took to compress the video files before they could be sent to students.

How important is the video element in feedback? Will that depend on the nature of the video, with screen capture of corrections to a student essay being more valuable than a talking head, for example? Is there anything special about English Language students, that they have more need than others to re-view their feedback, perhaps? Does the time overhead of compressing video files mean that there will be fewer circumstances where it is worth doing instead of using quicker, smaller, MP3 audio files?

What do you think?

(Posted by Bob Rotheram, Project Manager, Sounds Good)

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