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Bob Rotheram :: Blog :: The value of warm voices

April 04, 2008


We have known for ages that feedback comes across really differently depending on the medium used, which is why in the past I always tried to give at least some of the feedback face-to-face in person, either in groups or to individuals. What excites me about the 'Sounds Good' project is that it gives us a chance to talk to students, conveying via the warmth of our voices that we really are a student-centred university and that our comments are worth taking note of. What I really hate to see is detailed hand-written feedback being given to students who ignore it, only looking at the mark. Perhaps the mark should only be given at the end of the audio file, so students need to listen to it before they find out the grade.

[Posted by Prof Sally Brown, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Assessment, Learning and Teaching), Leeds Metropolitan University]

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Posted by Bob Rotheram


  1. indeed!

    Voice does add some human-touch to the online learning experience, in the same way "Sounds Good" seem to be adding to the commented assessment activity. 

    It sounds more personalized and thus more appealing to the individuals. Learning is about US (you and me) and the learning relationships we establish. Assessing that is not easy. It can be boring, really boring in fact. Adding different strategies might trigger students’ curiosity to look at their assessment and feedback of their activity. It will definitely add value to the students' experiences too.  


    This project sounds definitelly GOOD! Wink


    Cristina CostaCristina Costa on Monday, 07 April 2008, 13:01 BST # |

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