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November 12, 2008


[Posted by Simon Thomson, Deputy Project Manager, Sounds Good] 

At the end of this week over 100 students (I hope) will be submitting their work for me to assess. I used audio feedback last year on about 25 students from this very module. This year I plan to do about 80. The students upload the assignments via our virtual learning environment (VLE). I then send the audio feedback files back to the students via the VLE.

For this assignment due Friday I will be giving audio to about 50% of the students from this cohort. I will be interested to see how much time that saves me and of course the feedback I get from the students.

I will then be giving audio feedback to a different group of students next semester, on a different level juts to get an idea how the feedback is received at different levels of learning.

I have always enjoyed giving audio feedback and now the process is second nature so I do not have the task of learning the technologies. For those of you who want to try audio feedback but are worried about the technicalities of undertaking it I would just give it a go.

Bob and I have given an introductory workshop on audio feedback to staff at Leeds Met and many of those were first time users. By the end of a 1 hour session the technology was not the barrier but hearing your own voice played back for the first time was the hardest thing to overcome.

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