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December 08, 2008


[Posted by Simon Sweeney, York St John University]

Greetings from York....

Finally making a contribution to the Blog. I saw the Guardian piece last week and was pleased to see good publicity for this innovative project!

We have had some interesting discussions at York St John on various kinds of electronic feedback - including electronic marking - something I have experimented with in the last year or so. But audio feedback is much more exciting. Bob came to YSJ a month or so ago and clearly articulated the benefits observable so far from the SoundsGood project and it sounded uncomplicated and student friendly.

I have a number of modules lined up to provide electronic feedback on - first of all an M-Level module that I have already marked and am about to record the feedback and distribute to students. I am planning to ask students for an instant response to see what they make of it. Most of these are NNS (non-native speakers) which I think adds an extra dimension to the benefits of audio feedback.

Later this term (hopefully before Christmas) I will have added another larger cohort on an undergraduate module. A colleague is also planning audio feedback for another M-level module.

I have used the recorder already - and have so far found it OK to use, if a bit complicated to rename files (it's vital to name the files in an instantly recognisable way).

That's enough for an initial contribution.

Simon Sweeney, York St John University

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