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Mark van Harmelen :: Blog :: $5000 SL awards

May 25, 2008

From the New Media Consortium web site:

"The NMC Virtual Learning Prize is a $100,000 competitive program of awards intended to create a collection of innovative open-source learning experiences that make use of the unique attributes of a virtual learning environment. As many as 20 NMC Virtual Learning Prizes will be awarded in 2008. (See Press Release )

Each of the US$5,000 awards will provide a cash incentive paid to the awardee of $500 as well as $4,500 in expert development assistance from the NMC Virtual Worlds team to create the learning experience. The range of in-world services available to awardees to actualize the proposed ideas includes professional building, scripting, design, animation, avatar design, and/or related services.


For the 2008-9 award year, funded ideas will be limited to those that can be implemented in the virtual worlds of Second Life or Project Wonderland . In future years, the program may be expanded to other virtual world platforms.


Proposals will be accepted at any time until all funds are disbursed for the 2008-9 award year, but proposals received by June 16, 2008 will have the greatest chance of being funded, as that is the date upon which the review of proposals will begin"

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