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Mark van Harmelen :: Blog :: Draft Web 2.0 report for community comment

May 17, 2007

After burning much midnight oil, Tom Franklin and I have finished a draft of our report on Web 2.0 Content Sharing for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

This draft is for community comment prior to submission to the JISC.

The report covers:

  • A brief discussion of what Web 2.0 is, together with some discussion of Web 2.0 systems that are commonly used in education.
  • A survey of four universities' work in implementing Web 2.0 systems at an institutional level.
  • Issues in the creation and use of content that is produced or shared via Web 2.0 systems.
  • The implications of Web 2.0 for learning and teaching.
  • Policy and strategy issues.

We encourage comment, please, as a second part of community input through us to the JISC. (The first part was via our earlier webinars - use an existing account, the guest account, or self-register to access the webinar home page for slides, audio, and fora).

We are very open, please, to any comments at any level of discussion. There is an email address for comments on the front page of the report. Our time-line unfortunately only allows for comments over the next week; the window for comments closes at 6pm on Thursday 24 May 2007.

You can download Word or PDF documents from either of two servers; I recommend the PDF which has better on-screen search facilities.

We hope you will find the report inteesting, and that you will comment as need be.


Posted by Mark van Harmelen

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