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June 29, 2008

Further to my previous post, here is the link to the video of a Second Life /Real Life impro performance. I'm the avatar in red!



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Posted by Gemma McLean


  1. I was in the audience for this and it was fascinating - plus when I had a go it was extremely difficult to get it right, both getting the right chair and actually playing the improv game so Gemma and Joff's (and the three dancers') acheivement here can't be overestimated.

    What was weird was sitting on a chair and seeing an image of me sitting next to someone, and looking round and not seeing them - it was as if the avatars had a presence in the real world. I felt like I wanted to reach out to the space where the avatars should have been. Talking to the performers afterwards, they said the same, that there was only one empty chair, not three. After years studying the notion of presence of us in the virtual world, I'm now confronted with the possibility of the reverse happening too.

    Mark ChildsMark Childs on Sunday, 29 June 2008, 23:11 UTC # |

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