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April 17, 2007

I'm not a great fan of posting via a web form. I prefer a desktop blogging client because it helps me organise my posts. It also means I can work offline. I could use a desktop client then paste into the form. But that strikes me as a little peverse.

Anyway, I can post with one or two issuettes using the Metaweblog API. What I want to find out is how the keywords work in the post text. If they are put straight into the database, then I'm sore out of luck, but if I can edit this post with Metaweblog API and get at the keywords, I can use a desktop client for everything.

I'll update this entry with my findings. 

Update: Bad news, I'm afraid. I'm editing this post now in ecto, and the tags are not included in the post text. So it looks like the only obvious way I can tag is via the web interface. I might have a poke through the Elgg documentation this evening.

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