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  Personal Learning Environments Personal Learning Environments Personal Learning Environments 36 8 community
  MUVE MUVE Multi-user virtual environment cluster group 36 15 community
  Mobile Ts Mobile Ts Interested in handheld technologies? 22 11 community
  Audio Supported Enhanced Learning (ASEL) Audio Supported Enhanced Learning (ASEL) 21 18 community
  NGTiP 09 NGTiP 09 Next Generation Technologies in Practice Conference 2009 20 3 community
  ePortfolio ePortfolio ePortfolios, personal development planning and reflective learning are all encouraged in contemporary education policy. 20 3 community
  Appropriate Technologies for Collaborative Learning (Bloomsbury) Appropriate Technologies for Collaborative Learning (Bloomsbury) Developing appropriate technologies that are agile, accessible, inclusive, rapid and relevant.
See our wiki site for more info or the forum for discussions.
18 3 community
  Academic Writing Academic Writing 18 3 community
  Second Life PBL Second Life PBL 16 1 community
  APT: Appropriate and Practical Technologies APT: Appropriate and Practical Technologies Providing grass-roots academics and students with advice on how technologies, and in particular web 2.0 technologies, can address particular pedagogic needs. 16 4 community
  Appreciative inquiry Appreciative inquiry A place to discuss AI 15 7 community
  Emerge Users & Development Group Emerge Users & Development Group Users & Development 14 5 community
  Streamline Streamline Streamline - e-administration project 13 28 community
  Design Patterns Design Patterns A Design Patterns Based Approach to Learning 12 1 community
  EmergeTeam EmergeTeam Emerge support team 11 9 community
  Planet: Pattern Language Network Planet: Pattern Language Network Helping practitioners to share and reuse good practice 8 69 community
  Learning design Learning design Managing, representing, and running learning activities 8 3 community
  City City The Centre for HCI Design is London's largest HCI-related research group. We research the relationship between people and technology with the aim of creating more useful and easier to use systems. 7 0 community
  AWESOME Dissertation AWESOME Dissertation Academic Writing in Electronic Social Mediated Online Environments 7 6 community
  ARGOSI ARGOSI Alternate Reality Games for Orientation, Socialisation and Induction 7 4 community
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