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    Sounds Good 6 1 community
    The Uncommunity Welcome to the Uncommunity. There's nothing to join. 5 2 community
    Programme Evaluation 5 1 community
    Gold Dust This community is for members of the Gold Dust project and all those interested in this work. 5 0 community
    Steering Group The EMERGE steering group 4 2 community
    SkillClouds 4 4 community
    Semantic Technologies: Emerging Issues Emerging Issues study on Semantic Technologies 4 3 community
    Open Habitat The Open Habitat project. User generated content and social presence in MUVEs. 4 13 community
    HeLMET Project 4 0 community
    Second Life for Staff Development Exploring the possibilities of using Second Life to deliver staff development. 3 0 community
    Guitar playing 3 0 community
    Usability 2 0 community
    Reflect 2.0 Using Digital Storytelling and Next Generation Technologies to Encourage Reflective Learning 2 1 community
    Problem-based learning in virtual worlds Exploring second life as a way to deliver problem-based learning 2 2 community
    eLIDACAMEL JISC-funded eLIDA CAMEL Design for Learning Communities of Practice Project 2 0 community
    Critical Friendship Supporting the Projects through structured and semi-structrured interventions 2 0 community
    Web2Rights Web2Rights is a JISC funded project, whose purpose is to develop a practical, pragmatic and relevant IP toolkit to support the projects funded within the JISC Users and Innovation Programme 1 3 community
    UKAN-SKILLS 1 0 community
    UIDM Team 1 0 community
    U&I Workgroup Members of the U&I working group 1 0 community
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