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John McKenzie
John McKenzie

Jan 21, 09
Is anyone doing anything with Pebble Pad? Do you know of any interesting case studies, resources. I'm also interested in linkages between Pebble Pad and the CPD system by the IFL, Reflect. I know these are essentially the same systems but in different skins but how do users share objects/information between them?

George Roberts

Jan 22, 09

Hi John

I am leading a Pilot of PebblePad at Brookes. Here in Users & Innovation land, the Flourish Project is using PebblePad at the University of Cumbria 


John McKenzie

Jan 22, 09

Thanks George, i would be very interested in you experiences and out comes, whats the time scales for your pilot?

AJ Cann

Jan 23, 09



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