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John Fairhall
John Fairhall

Jul 17, 07

Hi all,

Appologies for not making it to the workshops. I thought it might be useful to post some of my thoughts on here.

Much of the use of audio in our institution to date has been done on an individual and adhoc basis. I would like to develop a centrally supported strategy with technical guidance that will enable lecturers to engage with students using audio in a way that is accessible, user friendly, professional and in keeping with our corporate identity.

Things I would like to investigate are:

·         There are many audio formats available such as MP3, WMV, WAV, OGG, and so on. Which of these formats is the most appropriate? Should we aim for sound quality, file size, or most supported format?

·         Where should files be located and how should they be distributed? Should our audio be ‘Podcasted’ using an RSS Feed or iTunes? Should they be held on a website for students to download? Or should they all be held within the module area of the VLE? If a student is recording audio, how should they submit?

·         What can be done to ensure that the use of audio and its delivery/submission is as accessible as possible for students with disabilities? How can the use of audio help with the goal of widening participation? How can we improve usability?

·         How should the use of audio be structured? Should we use the traditional 50 minute Podcast of a lecture scenario, or should we use smaller chunks such as 5 – 15 minute “nuggets”?

·         Are there facilities, services and support that IT or lecture room services should be supplying in order to support academic use of audio for teaching and learning?

Is this of interest to others? Any comments or suggestions?



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