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Aisha Walker
Aisha Walker

Sep 16, 08
AWESOME Presentation to the Science and Innovations Minister (!)

AWESOME was chosen amongst the few posters/demos to show to Ian Pearson, the Minister of Science and Innovation. Melissa did a great job showing the minister what an exciting project we have. He seemed to understand and asked interesting questions. Sirisha and I were also there to offer support and evidence that the tool did exist (it was running on the laptop next to the poster). The minister looked pleased to see research outputs deployed quickly in practice, close relationship with users, and was excited about our domains (he was curious to know whether we were finding generality across domains such as FD & PRS). He regretted not having this tool when he was a PhD student :-) - we should probably think about trying AWESOME with PhD students.

AWESOME Poster & Demo

We presented a poster and a demo on the JISC stall during the lunch slot today. Melissa gave an overview of the project and directed people to the demo given by Kathrin and Sirisha who very busy indeed but did a fantastic job. People were really interested in AWESOME, some asked for the source code, others gave us potential domains for extension. Good links were made with a number of JISC projects/groups, incl: HELMET, SkillClouds, APT-STAIRS, Southampton (several JISC projects there). We received very positive feedback from Graham Atwell who is on a large EU project on semantic wikis for organisational learning and found our system way ahead existing EU projects (we knew this was the case but it was good to get it confirmed). Graham pointed out that Karlsruhe (the semantic media wiki people) should see what a great job we have done to make a *usable* semantic wiki tool. Having the flexible development model and the constant feedback from users are paying off. But we know there is a lot to improve on the usability side...

report by Vania

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