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Neil Witt :: Blog :: EMERGE and U&I project Start Up Meeting in York

January 26, 2008


We just come back from the EMERGE and U&I project Start Up Meeting in York. We’ve been amazed by the variety of projects funded - a massive range of the great and good.

So what did we get up to?

  • We launched phase one of our project website www.web2rights.org.uk

  • Charlotte and Naomi ran a couple of back to back copyright workshops and answered lots of questions and spoke about RISK Management loads

  • We realised that the 3rd April for our focus group clashes with another event – so we’ve started rescheduling

  • We had lunch with all of Leeds Metropolitan University projects and chatted with lots more

  • We ate lots and drank too much (but this seems typical for an EMERGE event, and we blame Lawrie Phipps)

  • Neil and Naomi spent some time brain storming and have come up with a prototype process chart for engaging with rights issues…here’s the first draft  - we’ll start work on turning into an interative version soon.

    One day this will be an IP Toolkit

    Soon to be an IP toolkit

  • We came away with clear ideas to refine our content more and make it more pragmatic, practical, user-focussed and flexible

  • We decided to ask you to help us too,  by sending us any IP lessons learnt and IP resources/template licences etc that we can share with other projects

Everyone that we’ve spoken to or listened to has had some kind of copyright issue running through their project, whether it is because they are deploying/adapting existing technology; developing new technologies; using pre-existing content or developing their own. In all these cases, they have been thinking about their need to make sure they have the permissions to do what they want to do in terms of creating their project deliverables, as well as ensuring that the rights are sorted out so that there is compatibility between those permissions that they have got from third parties “rights in” and the permissions that they want to grant users to use their stuff “rigths out”. We are building and adapting the content all the time.

Let us know what you need from us…speak soon, Naomi and Neil

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Posted by Neil Witt


  1. Hi Neil - it was great to meet up with the Web2.0Rights gang and look forward to seeing the very promising rights tool outlined in this post become a working model! Great to have you on board and really hope that the support issues and FAQs that come out of your involvement with the projects this year lead to some really useful posts & resources :)

    Josie FraserJosie Fraser on Sunday, 27 January 2008, 00:27 GMT # |

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