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February 12, 2008

I seem to be spending a lot of time on Elgg at the moment with the UsPaCe project - which isn't an EMERGE project as we wrote the bid and sumitted it to the JISC Circular 1/07 capital programme call to see what feedback we would get so we could tweak it for the U & I call. However, those nice people at JISC funded the UsPaCe project so we never submitted it to the U & I call.

And this week there were and two exciting pieces of news from the Elgg community.

1. There’s going to be another ElggJam - this time in London in June. We’ll probably be there as we’ve spent a lot of time tweaking and tailoring Elgg to our needs. What’s really interesting is that one of the main uses of Elgg by the team at http://community.brighton.ac.uk/ is the support of placement learners, which is what UsPaCe is all about

The Elgg site blog states

In particular, the ability to develop community interaction and provide supportive information and shared experience have been identified as particularly useful for courses with large contingents of students on placement study where they spend protracted periods of time off-campus and where students planning placements can benefit from sharing the experinces of those already on placement.

 This is really interesting as this is what we are doing with UsPaCe.

2. We are getting closer to seeing Elgg 1.0. Ben Werdmuller posted earlier this week that it should be ready to ship in the next 6 - 8 weeks. This is great news and I’ll have a development server on stand by.

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