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February 25, 2008


When it comes to micro blogging I have to admit it’s not really held my attention. I was too late for Jaiku and I never really spent the time to fully exploit Twitter. We have, though,  been spending a lot of time working with Elgg as part of the community area for the UsPaCe project.

Elgg voices logoThe community working with Elgg is small (compared with most Open Source projects), but it’s pretty vibrant and the Elgg site and its forum is one of the first sites I check in the morning just to see what updates/patches/gossip there is. So, this morning I found that the guys behind Elgg had released Elggvoices. The UsPaCe project is aimed at supporting students on Placement or doing Work Based Learning and Elggvoices looks like it could slot in as one of the tools we could use.

If Elgg 1.0 (release date to be announced) allows the seamless embedding of Elggvoices it’s going to be easy to get it used by learners. From the Focus Group work we’ve been doing it looks like they like the skin we’ve put on our Elgg community and the Elggvoices will add a dynamic layer. If we can get up channels for groups (or even get the learners to set them up) we’ll have buy-in from our users.

OK, so I can’t get the RSS feed to work (yet) from Elggvoices but having watched the Shouts today I can see that Dave and Ben from Curverider are quickly getting things sorted, and it looks like some familar names from the Elgg Community are playing with Elggvoices. I liked the Google map mashup showing locations of shouts - it looks like there’s only 4 of us who have entered their location in their profile so it’s sparsely populated but readable. I’d imagine, if there’s a few hundred/thousands of users the map will be unreadable….but if you could just show Shouts from your own channels it would be great.

 So..lots of exciting changes with Elgg…..with ElggJam 08 now open for registration, Elgg 1.0 about to be released and Ellgvoices out as a tantalising glimpse of Elgg1.0

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  1. Great heads-up. Thanks. Joe, you on the case?


    George RobertsGeorge Roberts on Tuesday, 26 February 2008, 12:19 GMT # |

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