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Neil Witt :: Blog :: Twitter for teaching: don’t believe what you read

March 30, 2009


There’s been a fair bit published/blogged/tweeted about Sir Jim Rose’s Blueprint for a new primary curriculum. This report is due out in April 2009 but as been ‘leaked’ and reported widely.

The recent press storm and associated knicker wetting is summed up by some great headlines:

Pupils to study Twitter and blogs in primary schools shake-up by the Guardian

Exit Winston Churchill, enter Twitter … Yes, it’s the new primary school curriculumby the Daily Mail

Pupils ’should study Twitter’ from the BBC

The use of Twitter as a teaching aid has been proposed by a few stalwarts:

Can we use Twitter for educational activities?

Teaching with Twitter

Twitter - A Teaching and Learning Tool

But lets not get too excited here. Teaching by Twitter? Why?


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