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June 16, 2008

It's great to see that microblogging is being integrated into our next conference - and also right here on site!

Microblogging and mobile site Twitter is one of the platforms that's being used in our forthcoming conference, Exploring User 2.0: the shape of the future user. If you haven't previously used Twitter, support is on it's way from Anne Jeffery and Andy Ramsden who will be leading on the conferences microblogging related activities. If you do already have an account - why not friend Emerge over there

I ran a session on day two of our last conference (Digital Communities, Digital Identities) on Microblogging, Lifestreaming and Presence (slides are available here, audio is available from the Moodle course site), so I'm delighted to see this being taken forward. You can also get some information on microblogging from my report on Young People and Social Networking Services (plenty in there of use to older people too) - microblogging is covered within What are Social Networking Services? although only the summary version is posted to site. To get hold of the full version with complete references, you can download the full chapter version (pdf) or download the entire document (pdf).  Check out the ideas section too, for links and examples of how people are using microblogging for formal and informal learning.

You can also use your Twitter posts onsite. Once you have an account its easy - just make sure you're logged in here, and click through account settings. Scroll down the page and insert your Twitter username and password, and then hit the save button at the bottom of the page. Your latest update will now automagically appear in your sidebar!

The conference programme has been posted to it's very own Moodle course, so you can head over and take a look at what's promising to be another great online conference. This one is being led by Emerge support team members Isobel Falconer and Chris Fowler, and the social event is again being led by Steven Warburton.  

Those of you who attended our last event will know how useful (and how much fun :) ) these can be. All of our events play a key role in bringing the community together to share and discuss both their projects' work and the wider interests, concerns and knowledge of each of our individual members. All of the projects need to attend events, or send at least a couple of delegates who can report back to their colleagues. If you haven't signed up yet then do head over to the registration page


Posted by Josie Fraser

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