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November 16, 2008

It's great to see so many projects syndicating their web and blog content over to the site - it means that the community can share and connect in one handy place. Some of the feeds coming over are restricted however, meaning that people have to click through to the original site to view the entire post. I'd like to encourage everyone posting over here to syndicate in full. It means that we build an additional, collaborative resource over here, and prevents you from loosing readers who don't get enough from your extracted post to tempt them on to another site. We already post extracts of every post to the front page of Emerge - it's a bit frustrating to click through to find yet another extract! The default permissions onsite are for full posts - so check that the feed you are subscribing to provides a full version of your content.

If you aren't already running your project or individual blog through Emerge, it's very easy to do so: 

1. First, make sure you are signed in and are the owner of the community you want to publish your external project feed to! If you want to run the feed through your individual account then this is straightforward :) 

2. Next, click on Networks from your banner navigation bar, Select Owned Communities, and then Administer from the list under the name of your community. Alternatively (and much quicker) just select your community from your right hand navigation panel. It should be at the bottom, under the heading 'Owned Communities'.

2. Under your personal banner navigation bar, you'll now have your community navigation bar list. You need to select Feeds. Make sure you select the groups Feeds page and not your personal profile Feeds page. The next steps are the same for publishing external content to either - so if you do want to run an external feed through your own blog, follow the same steps but use your personal navigation bar Feeds page. 

3. You'll now have a page open which contains a box. paste in the address of the external feed you want to use (this is not the same as the website address). TIP: sometimes feed addresses appear like this: feed://elgg.jiscemerge.org.uk/news/rss/ if yours does, you need to manually replace feed:// with http://

4.  Clicking the subscribe tab after you've pasted the feed address into the box should hopefully give you a pink message box containing the wonderful words "Your feed subscription was successful" Hooray! Now to add your subscription to your community blog. Select 'Publish to blog' from the banner navigation bar running under your success message. 

5. Simply tick the box of next to the feed you want to run through your blog and select update. You can unsubscribe at anytime by un-ticking the box and updating. You can also run multiple feeds through your site the same way.

Once you've subscribed to your external feed in this way, all posts published after subscription will appear on site. Once posts have been published, it's a good idea to add tags. This can be done by opening the post while you are signed in and selecting 'edit'. Then just add your post keywords, separated by commas, to make it easy for people interested in particular topics (for example, knowledge management, data protection, accessibility, etc). 



Posted by Josie Fraser

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