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Josie Fraser :: Blog :: Good morning & welcome to Emerge activity day 2

June 06, 2007

The highlight of day one was definitely the showcase event for me. It was great to have so many Emerge members contributing and talking about their projects, interests and activities. There was a real hum of collaborative potential and ideas sharing.

The slides are now up over at Flickr:

Please do enjoy and could I ask everyone to check the following: 

1. Not every team managed to get their slides in - we are all pretty busy. Please do forward your teams slide and ntes to me at emerge07@gmail.com and I'll add it to the collection. If for some reason you are not 100% happy with the slide you submitted, please do mail me a new one and I'll replace it. 

2. Under every slide there is a link to the team directory entry, if I was sent one. Again, please check, send in if you haven't already, or update. 3 of the presentations were sent as powerpoints and I've added these to my public file space. If one of these is yours, or if you are thinking of submitting a presentation, please do take a look at either www.slideshare.net or Flickr for presenting them. Using an online hosting service means that everyone can view your slides, regardless of their computer, without having to download any files.

3. Team names and directory entries. I've put up what information I was forwarded. Again, if you want this changing or adding too, please get in touch.

4. Add notes! Add value to your slide by taking the time to comment on it, elaborate on your personal interests/activities, give more links and information. You can do that over at Flickr. You can also comment on other peoples slides is you have questions, want to make contact, or recommend a resource. 

Look forward to seeing everyone for this mornings keynote!

Best, Josie. 

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