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Josie Fraser :: Blog :: New look Emerge Project team!

July 07, 2007

The keen eyed amongst you will have spotted some changes to the site, including the revamped project team page, where the team is housed. This page will be updated shortly with more info about who does what and who can best help you take your community and activities forward. 

I’ve stepped down from my previous role as project manager and tech liaison in order to give my full attention to the CoP on and off the Emerge platform. I’m absolutely delighted with the changes we’ve made to the Emerge support team - the newly re-defined roles respond to our experience with this community to date and are designed to take Emerge into the future!

Marion Samler has taken over the role of Project Manager for the Emerge support team – I was delighted when she agreed to take responsibility for the challenge of overseeing the project support delivery. Marion is a natural project manager, with a hawk’s eye for detail and the necessary reservoirs of both understanding and insistence.

Joe Rosa has been adopted by the project as our brand new technical lead, and brings not just tech expertise to the role but the humorous pragmatism, boundless patience and natural people skills that are essential to successful tech management and development. Joe has already started making changes to the site following community input and our recent barnstorming session, and is helping us formulate some big changes to take forward our Elgg platform. If you have a tech support issue you can now go strait to our ticket page, log your question and track its progress.

My new title is Lead Community Architect, and my responsibilities include monitoring and responding to CoP engagement, stimulating networking and supporting the Emerge clusters and interest groups. I’m delighted to be working across the project with the entire team, but principally:

with the project management team - Project Director George Roberts and Marion Samler, supported ably by our new CoP Administration officer Teresa Prochaska;

the community architecture team - Steven Warburton, Brian Kelly and Graham Attwell), and with Joe supporting the platform user & development group.

We’re all looking forward to meeting up at Manchester – please do ask us any questions you might have about the new team there, here through comments, or directly by email.

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  1. Josie - thanks for those words of kindness, I certainly have a hard-act to follow!  Marion

    Marion SamlerMarion Samler on Thursday, 12 July 2007, 08:22 BST # |

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