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Josie Fraser :: Blog :: Activity 9

August 02, 2007


Hard to believe we're already at activity 9! You'll find all of the others in the activity filestore on site, so if you're worried about missing out on anything, have a browse.

Activity 9 is designed by Emerge Lead Researcher Rhona Sharpe to take us from the transition period between stages one and two of the project, and to help us mark and understand the shape of the current community and the direction that it's headed in.

Emerge activity 9: Send a postcard from Emerge

This task is designed to:

•    Make visible the best bits of being a member of the Emerge community.

•    Use Flickr to share your visual representations of Emerge.

•    Help us to agree on what is helping to make Emerge be effective, enjoyable and self-sustaining – so that we can do more of it.

The idea for this task comes from some of the web based collaborative art projects like PostSecret and the digital quilts (e.g. http://www.playdamage.org/quilt/  and http://www.digitalstoryquilt.com/ )

The aim of this task is for everyone to design and create a visual representation of what it is like for you to be a member of the Emerge community.

This builds on our appreciative inquiry approach which assumes that what we want more of already exists already somewhere in the community. Our task is to make the best bits of Emerge visible in a variety of ways. Activity 8: ‘sharing stories’ began this theme and we had a trial of the postcard task at the end of the event in Manchester (you can see a selection of the postcards from Manchester that have already been posted to Flickr, and I've used some of those cards to illustrate this post). Here we’d like you to share something using pictures rather than words.

postcard 2
To do this you’ll need to:

1. Create a postcard which visualises where the best functions of Emerge are working well for you. For example, where and how are people using user centred methodologies well? Where and how have you seen productive networks and collaborations being established?

2. Make your postcard digital, by scanning in something you’ve drawn, or create in digitally from scratch.

3. Upload your postcard to Flickr and tag it and put it in the Jisc-emerge pool. This way the rest of the community will be able to find it easily, and it will appear in the Flickr feed column we run on the sidebar of the Emerge front page.

Once you've uploaded your postcard to Flickr, add some tags to it, so it will show up on the project site and be easy to find. Tag your Emerge project related pictures jisc-emerge. We are also using the tags postcard and activity9.

While you're there Join the Emerge photo pool - - this way you can post photos to the group without them necessarily running across the site’s front page (they won’t unless you also tag them).

For more info about the Flickr site, see this post. If you just don't want to set up a new account, you can upload the image to a blog post on site instead.

4. Use the functions of Flickr to comment on and rate the postcards which you think highlight where the Emerge community is working at its best.

Really looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with!  

postcard 3 

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