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March 30, 2009

I just read this and was saddened to see such shallow thinking. Why any particular technology should be singled out at all is one thing. Why adopt it as a replacement for understanding culture is dreadful. This is further compounded in a digital context because understanding and working with those from other cultures becomes all the more significant in a connected world. That begins with having some sense of our own cultural heritage in order to be able to compare and communicate and collaborate with other cultures to create new identities and cultures.

 I love technology and it impacts on all our lives but it doesn't mean that we should throw the past away and just live in ignorance of all that has gone before. And surely as anyone interested in technology knows, a technology in favour today may be over-taken by another at any time.

I changed my kids school recently and still see kids from their old school. Its a remarkable difference when you see representatives of the 2 cohorts together. The old school has many kids who can't pay attention for very long, who jump around from one thing to another all the time and who struggle to sit and just talk to each other. The new school rations the use of computers but makes use of them selectively all over the curriculum. The new school focuses on cooperative learning instead. They're far better at working with others on or offline and if they ever use Twitter it won't  be instead of studying history or any other subject.  

Are we really critical enough of technology or does enthusiasm get the better of us?


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