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Nicholas Bowskill :: Blog :: The first class(ification)-oriented representational formalism

April 19, 2006


The first class(ification)-oriented representational formalismGoogle engEDU50 min 1 sec - 19-Apr-2006Google TechTalks
April 19, 2006

Lev Goldfarb

Any environment can be viewed as a multitude of evolving and interacting classes of ‘objects’. Why hasn’t this simple and unifying view inspired the organization of various databases and search engines, as well as the development of AI, and CS in general?

I suggest that the primary (and non-obvious) reason for the current state of affairs is the total lack of class-oriented representational formalisms in CS, and indeed in all sciences. As to the substantial efforts exerted by the pattern recognition and machine learning communities to understand classification, all such efforts have been confined to conventional representational formalisms, which I contend are fundamentally inadequate for the task. This ‘loyalty’ to existing formalisms, while quite understandable, is regrettable.

In this talk, I will discuss the recently developed class-oriented representational formalism―the Evolving Transformation System (ETS)―as well as an accompanying radically different view of ‘data’. The key feature of the ETS object representation is its temporal nature: for the first time objects become processes.

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