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Paul Bailey :: Blog :: Funding Invitation: Studies on Emerging Issues

May 19, 2008

Members of the Emerge Community are invited to submit expressions of interest for small scale studies looking at emerging issues in the use of Web 2.0 over the next  2-5 years. Funding of around £15k per study will be available for up to six small studies.

Full details and a proforma for application are available here: [You do not have permission to access this file] 

Emerge is seeking to fund up to six studies in the following areas
  1. The changing demographic of users (staff in institutions) and the impact of web2.0 on projects and services.
  2. The impact of the semantic web on emergent issues of access to Web 2.0 practices
  3. The impact of mobile and pervasive devices,
  4. How institutional responses to new emergent technologies are affecting end users and their practice.
Total funding of around £90k is available to fund studies starting in July 2008 and able to deliver final reports no later than the 28 February 2009. The deadline for submission of ideas for studies is 12:00 on Monday 16 June 2008.


Overview for Keywords: Benefits Realisation, Emerging Issues, Web 2.0

Posted by Paul Bailey


  1. Hi Paul,

    Please can you explain the phrase "It is the intention of the Emerge Project/JISC that outputs 1 and 2 at least will be collated into a publication from the overall programme. Appropriate IPR to allow this to happen will be a condition of funding, all sources will be acknowledged.

    Is this something that would prevent those doing the study from writing up their work elsewhere. 

    Frances BellFrances Bell on Friday, 23 May 2008, 17:58 BST # |

  2. We'd like to consider pulling the studies together into an online publication at least as part of the programme outputs and the studies would be asked to contribute. I hope this would not stop anyone publishing the work elsewhere. By appropriate IPR I mean it should be copyright cleared so it can be published and we wouldn't get into trouble, that the authors would agree to the materials to be integrated into another publication, acknowledged etc.. No intention to stop anyone from publishing anything anywhere else. Sorry if this was implied.


    Paul BaileyPaul Bailey on Tuesday, 27 May 2008, 18:50 BST # |

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