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Paul Bailey :: Blog :: Workshops on Learners’ Experience of e-Learning

November 17, 2008

In Their Qwn Words – Investigating the Learners’ Experience of e-Learning; What do we know? How do we know it?  What do we dare to find out?’
A series of workshops to disseminate the findings from the second phase of the JISC Learner Experiences strand projects will begin on 9 December in Birmingham1, followed by workshops in London (20 January 2009)2, Newcastle (February 2009)3 and Bristol (26 March 2009).
The JISC Regional Support Centres will be taking bookings on their websites and by clicking on the location of your choice, you will be taken directly to the form. The second phase of the JISC Learner Experiences strand was launched in March 2007 with seven studies focused on different areas of the learning experience. These projects have been developing qualitative research methods and tools to capture learners’ lived experiences. The projects have sought to see the use of technologies holistically, through the eyes of learners, offering an insight into how learners experience and participate in learning in technology-rich environments.
The projects have been investigating such issues as:
·         How are learners making use of their own and institutional provided technologies to support their study?
·         How can we explain the wide variation we see in learners’ experiences with technologies?
·         How can learners' skills, strategies and literacies be developed and exploited more effectively for the digital age?
·         How do learners experience change and transition through their learning journey?
·         What is the impact of course level practices and institutional strategies?
The workshops will provide:
  • synthesized findings from the learner experience projects, with explanation of how the analysis was conducted and illustrative examples
  • discussion of the implications of the findings for teachers, designers and policy makers
  • a pack of adaptable, reusable workshop materials for delegates to use in their own staff development and internal dissemination events.
  • An opportunity to hear directly from one of the 7 funded projects about their results (a different project will be at each venue)
  • guidance on conducting learner experience research e.g. recruiting learners and keeping them engaged, ethical practice, elicitation techniques
  • advice on data collection techniques for eliciting and capturing the learner experience e.g. audio logs, video diaries, email prompts, survey design 

The workshops will be suitable for:

·         expert practitioners (lecturers, tutors from post-16 institutions) who are integrating technology into their teaching and course design;
·         intermediaries with a role in supporting practitioners with e-learning practice and research (learning technologists, e-learning champions, staff developers, educational developers).
·         practitioners, researchers or managers involved in implementing course or institution level research to understand the learner experience. 

Places are limited to 50 for the 4 workshops and due to demand; we will be limiting attendance to a maximum of two representatives from an institution.  Further details about these events can be found at: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning_pedagogy/elp_learnerexperience/learnerworkshops.aspx  

Posted by Paul Bailey

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