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Brief description

Helping practitioners to share and reuse good practice


Effective representation and transfer of practice

Who are we?

Teachers in higher education are starting to explore the use of new web technologies in their assessment, learning and teaching practice. These technologies are characterised by community participation and user created content and include blogs, wikis, podcasting, social networks and virtual worlds. As these are used in an educational context it is important that experiences of what is successful (and less successful) can be shared effectively between practitioners, so that good practice can be transferred from one place to another. Transfer of practice of this sort is difficult however as each context is different and what works in one place may not work in the same way elsewhere. We therefore need a way to represent our teaching practices to make it clear what it was about the practice that was critical to its success and to make explicit not just what was done but why. The PLaNet project will use a framework known as a “pattern language” to do this. A pattern language consists of a number of patterns each of which describes a successful example of practice, presented in terms of problem-solution pairs, and grounded in a specific context. The patterns all have the same form but are written in natural language making them easy to use and understand.

The pattern language will be developed through close collaboration with a range of practitioners from Emerge and beyond. We will develop a user-centred process and a collaborative platform to support this activity and hold face to face and virtually hosted events.

Please join this community if you are interested in working with us.