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e-Learning Advisor at the University of Bradford

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West Yorkshire



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I have a background in FE, having spent 15 years as a Biology lecturer and Programme Manager for Science. I have taught on a range of Biological and Environmental Science courses from Foundation to Degree level, and for the past twelve years I have also been an Associate Lecturer with the Open University. During this time I have developed a strong interest in the use of Information and Communication Technology to enhance my teaching and to improve the learning experience of my students.

In 2002 I began work with the NLN Materials Team at Becta where I was involved in promoting the integration of e-learning into the curriculum and encouraging the use of the NLN Materials in teaching and learning in the FE and ACL sectors.

As an e-learning advisor with the JISC Regional Support Centre for Yorkshire and Humber, I actively supported staff development in this field, running training events at a local, regional and national level. I have also worked closely with other national services and initiatives, such as the Higher Education Academy, LSDA Q Projects, DfES Standards Unit and other JISC services such as JISC Infonet and the Plagiarism Advisory Service.

In my present role as an e-Learning Advisor at the University of Bradford, I am part of the Teaching Quality Enhancement Group. My main role is to support teaching staff in the use technology to enhance learning and teaching. I am particularly interested in the use of the Web-based tools, in mobile technology and in educational change.

Will Stewart
April 2007


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