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Leeds / Middlesbrough



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Who am I?

I am passionate about writing. I teach creative writing and academic writing in the university, to part-time and full-time students. Most of my working life has been spent as an adult educator, working in formal and informal settings. I returned to work in higher education in 1991. My interest in writing and new technology was sparked by the trAce project which Sue Thomas ran at Nottingham Trent - I love the potential of the elctronic medium as an art form and a site of learning and teaching but I have no technological nouse at all. As a cultural studies graduate, I tend to be more interested in the social and cultural aspects of new technologies and the on-line life.


academic writing, adult education, Creative writing, fashion, lifelong learning, pedagogic identity, web2.0, writing in the disciplines

Goals - I would like to ...

complete the novel I am writing, find interesting people in the Emerge CoP to work with on academic writing and web 2.0 projects, successfully download java onto my computer

Main Skills

(Mostly) Doing what I say I will do, Creative thinking, Leading and following in teams, Writing

Career Goals

To continue to do purposeful work which brings pleasure to me and the people I work with and for.


bob dylan, cats, experiencing experience, highland ponies - especially mine, Late Junction, readig fiction, real ale, sleep..., the big picture, theorising experience, van morrison, writing, yorkshire tea


amplified music, doing pointless - as opposed to purposeful - bureaucratic tasks at work, narrow mindedness, not getting enough sleep, prejudice, weak tea