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Rod Ward :: Blog :: JISC Web 2.0 webinar

May 01, 2007

Is anybody "attending"  the current JISC Web 2.0 webinar? I see Brian did a presentation today on 'Content creation: Web 2.0 is providing the solution'. Are there other things which are being discussed during these webinars (which I didn't know about) which should be duplicated on here? A colleague of mine (Peter Murray) is putting daily reports of the activites and presentations on the Informaticopia blog at http://www.rodspace.co.uk/blog/blogger.html which I run. I would put this as an RSS feed onto this site, but it doesn't seem to like ATOM feeds.


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Posted by Rod Ward


  1. I am attending the webinars and find them interesting. Thanks for the link to the rodspace blog. I didn't realise Elgg didn't consume ATOM. Can you output RSS?


    George Robertsgeorge on Wednesday, 02 May 2007, 10:42 UTC # |

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