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Rod Ward :: Blog :: Facebook v MySpace - a class divide

June 27, 2007

Yesterday's Guardian caried a report "Facebook v MySpace - aclass divide" based on US research about the social makeup of the users of these two social networking sites. If the research is valid and a similar divide is emerging in the UK what are the implications?

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Posted by Rod Ward


  1. Rod

    There is an excellent (and much more detailed) discussion on changes in social networking use at  http://www.skrenta.com/2007/06/are_network_effects_getting_we.html

    Paul M 

    Paul MayesPaul Mayes on Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 09:27 BST # |

  2. An interesting question.
    The movement between different social networking tools, and certain groups using one tool and a different group using the other, is a fairly acurate reflection of how people interact without technology, is it not? There are social divides, social groupings, which change and grow, are inclusive to some, and exclusive to others. Some will bridge the gaps and some will not.

    While a holistic approach to online communities and communication may be useful, ultimately there will be those who want the "us and them" divide.

    Whether "class" will cause that division may be up for debate, but indications from people i've spoken to using MySpace and Facebook, is that MySpace is for teenagers, and Facebook for those who are no longer teens, a similiar, but different type of divide.

    Nicola van den BergNicola van den Berg on Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 11:51 BST # |

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