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May 07, 2008

I've noticed several conference announcements on Emerge - which is of course fine, as Emerge provides an interested audience.  If you have a forthcoming conference to publicise, you may also think about posting to these two sites:

Eventseer.net  RSS feed: http://eventseer.net/feeds/news/ 

WikiCFP  RSS feedhttp://www.wikicfp.com/cfp/rss

Where do YOU find out about possibly interesting conferences?  Do announcements sometimes clutter your email in-tray?  Do you possibly miss relevant conferences and meetings because you don't know about them?  If you're specialising in a particular area, one way or another you probably hear about many relevant conferences.  Maybe not - after all, there are many, many places that conferences are announced. 

One of the things the Gold Dust project is looking into is making the process of being alerted to relevant conference announcements effortless and automated.



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Posted by Roddy MacLeod


  1. Thanks for the links Roddy. At the moment I primarily find out about events via Facebook invites and through checking what other people are going to over at Upcoming. I'm very dependent on my networks rather than any other method - partly because my interests cut across not just disciplines but policy/education/the cultural sector etc. In theory it should be easy since my focus is relatively narrow - online communities, identities and digital literacies. Since these are all generally threads running through other topics it becomes hard to find stuff other than through network-of-mouth :)

    Josie FraserJosie Fraser on Wednesday, 07 May 2008, 18:52 UTC # |

  2. Ditto, thanks for the Links. I have spent a few minutes with Eventseer. I like the idea and might adopt it into my practice. Suggest ALT get ALT-C listed.

    George RobertsGeorge Roberts on Thursday, 08 May 2008, 12:37 UTC # |

  3. Thanks for that Jose.  I see that Upcoming lets you find conferences by location, or topic, or you can search for specific topics.  You can create RSS feeds from searches. There's an RSS feed for Education Events http://upcoming.yahoo.com/syndicate/v2/search_all/?category_id=5&search_placeid=DevLebebApj4RVbtaQ&rt=1 which I've added to Gold Dust. 

    Roddy MacLeodRoddy MacLeod on Friday, 09 May 2008, 08:31 UTC # |

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