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June 04, 2008

I'd like to invite all members of the Emerge community to go to http://www.tictocs.ac.uk/ and check out the ticTOCs Journal Tables of Contents Beta 2.0 which was released this week.
ticTOCs is now just about a usable service.  You can use it in two main ways:
1. As a directory of journal TOC feeds.  Once found, you can export feeds individually using the RSS links, or in bulk by using OPML, to your feedreader of choice.
2. As a place where you can locate TOCs, store them, view items in them, go to the full text landing pages, export items to RefWorks, and generally keep up to date with the scholarly journal literature.  You'll need to register to use ticTOCs in this way, which I hope you will do.
Numerous further developments to ticTOCs will be made in the future (subject browsing, new content, alerts, information about titles, etc etc).  There are now 7,733 TOCs from 72 publishers in ticTOCs, with very good coverage of engineering (because of the link with the Gold Dust project), quite good coverage of library & information science titles, and selected coverage of other subjects.
You may notice when using ticTOCs that whilst many of the TOCs give a lot of information, some don't.  This is because some publishers don't include much detail in their RSS feeds.  This shows the urgent need for the ticTOCs/CrossRef Recommendations for publishers of journal TOC RSS feeds, which will be published in the future, and which will potentially help anyone who uses journal TOC RSS feeds by encouraging improvements in the standard of content.
If you find any inconsistencies with the way ticTOCs works, or any bugs, please let me know, as we are still testing this release.

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Posted by Roddy MacLeod


  1. Hi Roddy,

    I just tried to register but got an empty email, which means I am a bit stuck now - can't log in, can't register.

    Frances BellFrances Bell on Sunday, 08 June 2008, 23:33 BST # |

  2. Frances,

     At the present time we're using a 'virtual' SMTP server, which may make some emails text attachments, but we have not been aware of empty emails.  So, I'll pass on your problem to our techie, to see what he says.


    Roddy MacLeodRoddy MacLeod on Tuesday, 10 June 2008, 11:53 BST # |

  3. We've manually activated your account, and are looking into this registration problem.

    Roddy MacLeodRoddy MacLeod on Tuesday, 10 June 2008, 14:27 BST # |

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