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October 28, 2008

There's a new report from Forrester Research entitled "What's Holding RSS Back?".  According to Steve Rubel, who has blogged about the report, RSS adoption among consumers is at 11% and of the 89% of those who don't use feeds only 17% say they're interested in using them.

It's very interesting to see the Comments on Rubel's post.  Some doubt the statistics, some agree with the Report and lament the fact that RSS is too geeky to catch on. 

The most interesting comments, however, are the ones that say "The trick ...is not to teach people about the technology, but to use the technology to simplify their offering for the customer." and "I predict RSS will become huge when, or if, more relevant services adopt it as invisible infrastructure..."

I completely agree. It's the role of RSS as an invisible infrastructure which holds the key to the future.  Take LibWorm, take Popurls, take Alltop - these useful services are based on RSS, but make it easy for users to find information without the need for them having to understand about RSS.

This was exactly the same as the original thinking behind ticTOCs, the journal table of contents project.

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