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April 23, 2007

I work at Heriot Watt University, where I'm manager of the TechXtra service and PerX Project, and edit the Internet Resources Newsletter.

Heriot Watt is one of the senior partners in the ticTOCs project, which is being lead by Terry Bucknell at the University of Liverpool, and has been funded under the U&I (details).

ticTOCs is an exciting prospect!

The aim of ticTOCs is to transform journal current awareness by making it easy for academics to find, display, store, combine and reuse tables of contents from multiple publishers in a personalisable web-based environment.  We'll be using RSS feeds from publishers for the basic content.  We'll be hoping for input from members of the Emerge CoP once the project is more advanced.

ticTOCs started on 1st April, so we're still working on a plan, website, blog, better logo, etc etc.

Initially, at least, ticTOCs will concentrate on technological interactivity aspects of Web 2.0 rather than community networking aspects.  The idea will be to build:

  • a directory of journal TOC feeds, from publishers and also third parties.
  • an interactive website for journal RSS TOC feeds built around the directory of feeds and a personalisable display environment - which will be so jargon-free that we probably won't even mention 'RSS' at all!
  • links to ticTOCs from other sites (in the normal way).
  • links to ticTOCS from ticTOCs Tables of Contents Service 'subscribe chicklets' at journal directory sites, libraries' lists of journals, gateways that include journals, etc.
  • exposure of content at other sites - e.g. we will facilitate easy reuse of feeds and combined feeds on websites, VLEs, Blogs, gateways, etc.
  • easy exportation of items to RefWorks, Connotea.
  • and much more!

Of course, there are various ways to do much of this already, but its currently not an easy process for the average academic.  ticTOCs will simplify the process, and add value in other ways.

Emerge Members please note: There are ideas to build on some of the early outcomes of ticTOCs to develop another separate potential project, using aggregated RSS, text-mining, personal interest profiles, etc.  This potential project is currently called 'Gold Dust', and I'm hoping that some Emerge members may get involved in Gold Dust.

Roddy MacLeod

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