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April 25, 2007

Any opinions are welcome on the following.

There was another reason for posting details of the computer-generated introduction to ticTOCs yesterday, beyond the obvious one.

Following on from ticTOCs' aim to provide easy access to journal TOCs, ticTOCs will hope to facilitate the reuse of TOCs in various places and ways (for example embedding combined TOCs in course websites, or VLEs or gateways, etc).

Its obviously becoming easier to automate the conversion of files into different formats - e.g. scridb converting text to mp3 and RoboBraille converting into braille.

How useful do members of the CoP think it would be to produce mp3 files of journal TOCs, combined TOCs and/or items in TOCs?  I believe that some publishers are providing podcasts of abstracts of new articles.  How useful might mp3 files of TOCs be, beyond the obvious one of being of potential use to the visually impaired? 

I'll stop blogging now :-)

Roddy MacLeod

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