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Roddy MacLeod :: Blog :: Gold Dust is good for you

February 12, 2009

The above is a diagram Simon Hodson, the Gold Dust Manager, created showing the items retrieved for one particular user in the first iteration of the Gold Dust project tests with users. 

The items are ranked according to the significance rating which was given by the software used for one of the Gold Dust approaches.  Then, the items which were rated 8-10 (i.e. the highest, and therefore, the Gold Dust) by the user in question are coloured white and the remainder coloured black. 

The diagram we are left with looks, as it should, like a pint of Guinness settling out!  And Simon added a nice caption.

In the first round of testing, a few users’ results looked more like pretty flat pints, or more like bar codes.  But, a good proportion of the Gold Dust users’ results look like the black stuff, so Simon is reasonably confident that the approach used, and the filtering methods, can have a reasonable success in pulling out significant terms for the PIPs.

The second Gold Dust iteration should be complete before the end of next week.

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