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Roddy MacLeod :: Blog :: Two things that seem to be not so good about Emerge blogs

February 13, 2009

1.  As far as I can see, there's no way to get stats of views of blog posts.  So, sometimes one can wonder if anyone is reading the posts.  Checking stats of posts on other blogs (e.g. ticTOCs News as listed below) is always informative. 


Posted by Roddy MacLeod


  1. Hello Rod

     1 - Point taken

     2 - Under Toolbar menu -> Files .  You'll be able create folders and upload PICs, Documents, etc.

    Thanks for the feedback

    Joe RosaJoe Rosa on Friday, 13 February 2009, 11:34 GMT # |

  2. thnx Joe

    Roddy MacLeodRoddy MacLeod on Friday, 13 February 2009, 14:31 GMT # |

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