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Roddy MacLeod :: Blog :: Paper Pilot - Investigating potential solutions to information overload

August 23, 2007

1. Do you, or your associates, ever suffer from 'information overload'?

2. Do you find it hard to keep up-to-date with newly published material (new articles, news items, items in blogs, new funding opportunities, calls for papers, forthcoming conferences, project news, etc)?

3. Are there many RSS feeds with which you try to keep up-to-date, and does it take you time to filter such information?

4. If it was possible for you to receive , highly personalised, information about new content, at no cost to you, would you potentially find this useful?

5. Would you find it useful if this information was sent to you at a place of your own choice, and at a frequency of your own choice (i.e. without the need for you to subscribe to yet another service)?

6. Would you like all of this to happen without any required input on your own part?

7. Do you think the average academic is motivated to get to grips with Yahoo Pipes, Dapper, aFeeda, AidRSS, Particles, Feed Digest, xFruits (all of which might offer partial solutions to some of the issues above)?

I think many people would answer 'yes' to 1-6 above, and IMHO the answer to 7 is 'no'.

Below is a basic diagramatic 'paper pilot' which tries to indicate how 1-7 might be achieved.

Gold Dust graphic

If any members of the Community are interested in discussing this further, WRT Circular 02/07, then please get in touch.

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