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Scott Wilson :: Blog :: How are you testing accessibility?

June 02, 2008

Given how so many projects are development web applications, I wondered how everyone is undertaking accessibility testing?

In particular, can we achieve any "economy of scale" by combining efforts, or getting some support from the programme? 

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Posted by Scott Wilson


  1. Scott

    The UKAN-SKILLS Project would certainly be interested in any joint approach (although we do have our own University testing methodolgy)

    Paul MayesPaul Mayes on Monday, 02 June 2008, 10:54 UTC # |

  2. This could be a Widening Stakeholder Engagement idea working with TechDis? Or we could maybe make a BR project if a group of projects got together to "pilot" and gain user feedback from a community on accessibility issues?

    Paul BaileyPaul Bailey on Monday, 02 June 2008, 13:54 UTC # |

  3. In the area of accessibility I'm always acutely aware of being able to display my ignorance of what's already going on. I should have said above that the idea of a minimum/threshold standard across the Emerge community is attractive given how projects are now starting to cooperate a lot more. But this is probably already being done  Embarassed

    Paul MayesPaul Mayes on Monday, 02 June 2008, 14:31 UTC # |

  4. Further to our ongoing e-mail debate, maybe we could ask each project bidding for funds at the Dragons Den what their accessibility testing standard is and how compatible it is with that of their bid partners !!   That should certainly test whether there is a need for a  'standard'  or for mapping

    Paul MayesPaul Mayes on Monday, 02 June 2008, 15:03 UTC # |

  5. Just remember there are NO STANDARDS for accessibility Laughing

    Lawrie PhippsLawrie Phipps on Tuesday, 03 June 2008, 13:34 UTC # |

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