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Becta, skiing, award, ALT, Streamline, communications, map, Sounds of the Bazaar Emerge podcast podcasting, open, activity9, social technologies, oeb08, ALT-C 2008, Open Educational Resources, eLIDA CAMEL, DCSF, appreciative inquiry, organisation, students, blog, innovation, virtual ethnography, Ubuntu, digital identities, Collaborative Tools, blogs, learning communities, rWorld2, social justice, Educational Development, platform development, resuscitation, web 2.0 technologies, Report, Facebook, free software, events, marketplace, talking, stories, community development, games, users, Leeds University, motivation, Leeds, development, technical, Emerging Issues, psychology of computer games, Merseyside, HABITAT, critical theory, gaming, educational research, Lost, Reading, Southampton, handhelds, rant, University, evaluability, personal learning environments, eFramework, online collaboration, pattern, Emerging Sounds, visual, Linux, web service, workflow, Data Mining, advice, special issue, tag cloud, privacy, schools, Altered States, training, EmergingMondays, RSS, inclusive design, Newcastle upon Tyne, twitter, Music, meeting, publication, Moodle, groups, microformats, earn, Closing Date, Cats, LSL, Wenger, Semantic Web, learner experience, fun, good practice, University of Southampton, podcast, cyberbullying, ranting, data protection, intercultural communication, e-Assessment, participation, KnowandNetwork, user interface, CoP, North Yorkshire, assessment, Food, formative assessment, Digital Identities and Communities, bid, AI, England, Community of Practice, user centred, user-centred, policy, James Farmer, Reflective learning, micro-blogging, eportfolio, Software development, Books, tags, Emerge site, PLTS, Rhizome, qualitative research, CSCW, evaluation methods, skillclouds, MMO, Challenge, avatar, LinkedIn, PHP, OSS, permissions, research and enterprise, Pattern Languages, api, portfolios, testing, Salford, Syndicate, emerge team, adult education, space, radical, Travel, myspace, radio, showcase, organisational change, designedforlearning, JISC projects, photographs, Online Learning, young people, design, mentoring, access, edublogs, indirector, programme management, e-learning, rdf, York, mlearning, Elluminate, sweetcorn, Stakeholder Engagement, e-administration, liminoid, web feeds, learning environments, Bradford, social networks, Scepticism, F-ALT, immersion, federated services, lifestreaming, direction, Web2Rights, communities of practice, designing for learning, activity, bloglinde, SNA, curriculum mapping, collaboration, Higher Education, online communities, upgrade